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No Crap App: w/b 3 Dec 2012

Illustration: Ward O'Neill, AFR 8 Dec 2012

Illustration: Ward O’Neill, AFR 8 Dec 2012

Policy conundrums

Reform of the Labor Party



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No Crap App: w/b 9 Apr 2012

The week that was….

Pope, Canberra Times 13 Apr 2012

There was some colour and movement in the political media this week, but little of substance. The non-debate about a surplus continued. Our national leaders met with business and state/territory leaders to talk about the usual issues that plague a federalist entity (duplication and effectiveness of tiered regulation, allocation of finances, parochialism versus nationalism etc). Some writers broadened their commentary on the HSU saga to encompass the merits of past and present industrial relations systems. Oh, and there was the departure of Green stalwart Bob Brown.

Just a few gems glittered amongst the pebbles for me, and you will find them in the links below. There are two good pieces on the role that values play in the electorate’s choice of politician or party. George Megalogenis invites discussion on his blog about the culture wars being anathema to the Australian reforming tradition. John Black provides a fascinating perspective on the broader implications of the Katter party for the federal election outcome, while Peter Brent says Black is comparing apples with oranges. George Megalogenis deals smartly with criticisms of him by Henry Ergas. I’ve included “analysis” of Bob Brown’s departure, but in reality it is just to early to tell what it will mean for the Greens.

The role of values

The Katter effect



Pope, Canberra Times 14 Apr 2012

On Bob Brown’s departure

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No Crap App: w/b 12 Mar 2012

Leak, Australian 12 Mar 2012