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No Crap App: w/b 27 Apr 2015

Pope, Canb Times 1 May 2015

Pope, Canb Times 1 May 2015

Bali 9 executions

Marriage equality


Other thinkiness

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No Crap App: w/b 5 Nov 2012

Meanwhile, Australian politics continued and some quality journalists kept their eye on the main game. Here’s the best of the week, plus a fabulous farewell piece from George Megalogenis.

No Crap App: w/b 29 Oct 2012

Pope, Canberra Times 1 Nov 2012

The week that was…

The week began with three competing political narratives: the revelations in Maxine McKew’s book, the launch of the government’s Asian Century white paper, and the second 50/50 Newspoll within two months.

Unsurprisingly, the press gallery’s attention moved swiftly from McKew to Abbott, particularly once it became clear he would ignore the white paper and press ahead with his “stop the tax, stop the boats” mantra. By week’s end, the gallery was openly wondering whether Abbott would emulate his former boss John Hewson by losing another “unloseable” election.

Meantime, Australia was excised for migration purposes, the US Presidential election loomed, and Mark Colvin gave the Andrew Olle address.

Spotlight on Abbott

Asian Century white paper and economics

Asylum seekers

Brave new digital world

No Crap App: w/b 15 Oct 2012

Pope, Canberra Times 20 Oct 2012

The week that was…

Political reporting continued to swirl this week around the PM’s misogyny speech and related matters such as the MSM’s reporting of it, the community’s response and the shouty nature of political discourse more generally. Some noted that the ghost of Kevin continues to walk the halls. Others took respite in this weekend’s ACT election.

PM’s speech fallout and further analysis

What does the community think?



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No Crap App: w/b 8 Oct 2012

Rowe, AFR 13 Oct 2012

The week that was….

This week’s collection may be controversial, considering that I’ve been more supportive than most in the online world of the way the MSM covered the PM’s blistering response to Tony Abbott.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried to provide a cross section of the best pieces which covered the event. I’ve also included quite a number of the end-of-the-week analyses which examine, among other factors, the disconnect between the MSM and “new media” responses. Also included are two thought-provoking pieces on the business of outrage that [now] pervades political discourse.

Finally, for those who’d like to spend a small part of their precious weekend thinking about something other than Slipper-gate and the PM’s speech, I’ve collected a number of great think-pieces to ponder.

The Prime Minister, the Slipper and misogyny

End of the week analysis

The business of outrage

Other crunchy brain food

Sunday Addition