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No Crap App: w/b 24 Feb 2014

Pope, Canberra Times 22 Feb 2014

Pope, Canberra Times 22 Feb 2014

Tantrums & deception

Asylum seekers

Cabinet papers precedent

Jobs and workplace reform

Drought assistance

Econofacts & G20

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No Crap App: w/b 17 Feb 2014

Pope, Canb Times 19 Fen 2014

Pope, Canb Times 19 Fen 2014

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Asylum seekers

WA Senate election

Industrial relations


G20 & climate action


Other thinkiness

No Crap App: w/b 25 Feb 2013




Media and free speech


No Crap App:w/b 11 Jun 2012

Lobbecke, The Punch 15 Jun 2012

The week that was…

After the excitement of last week’s unexpectedly positive economic news, this week political writers returned to pondering the community’s distinct unwillingness to be heartened by them.

Colebatch remained pessimistic, Grog gave an insightful retrospective of the economy 40 years ago compared with today, and Pollytics updated his seminal work on the Great Unhinging. Poss also produced a great piece on the internal inconsistency that bedevils community opinion.

Kelly said it was time to lower the public’s expectations, while Grattan pointed out that trust had a lot to do with their unhappiness and Dunlop explained that it should be attributed to their lack of civic engagement and sense of powerlessness.

Kenny and Elder kept the light firmly fixed on Abbott’s negative campaign, while a small war broke out over blogging versus journalism.


Community sentiment

Abbott’s negativism

Blogging vs journalism

Sunday addition

No Crap App: w/b 6 Feb 2012

Kudelka, Australian 7 Feb 2012

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