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No Crap App: w/b 21 Jan 2013

Pat Campbell, Canberra Times 26 Jan 2013

Pat Campbell, Canberra Times 26 Jan 2013

The political year ahead

Nova Peris selection

Australia Day

No Crap App: w/b 7 Jan 2013

Moir, SMH 7 Jan 2013

Moir, SMH 7 Jan 2013

Economists and economic reform

Abbott and Gillard

The Greens

Optional preferential voting

The election

*Disclaimer: This excellent article includes political commentary from me ūüôā

No Crap App: w/b 17 Sept 2012

Moir, SMH 19 Sept 2012

The week that was….

Considered political analysis was thin on the ground for most of this week, obsessed as the media was with rogue polls, rogue MPs and a predictable parliamentary defeat for marriage equality.

Thankfully, the Friday and weekend columns delivered some quality analysis on where the Government and the Opposition go from here, much of which you will find below.

I’ve also included a number of think-pieces as well as informative pieces from our trusted economics translators Jericho, Irvine and Megalogenis.

Where from here?

For pondering

Economics for non-economists

Sunday addition

No Crap App: w/b 3 Sep 2012

Knight, The Punch 7 Sep 2012

The week that was…

This week we had Gonski, Cubbie and the musings of Malcolm*. There was scurrilous talk about an early election. Antony Green explained which party would benefit from going early, with only the House of Reps MPs facing the electorate.

David Marr’s Quarterly Essay on Tony Abbott was released. To even things up, The Australian did a profile on Christine Milne.

Meanwhile, Tim Dunlop and Jonathan Green did their usual sterling work in providing us with crunchy brain food.

The Government

The Opposition

Political profiles

Food for thought

Sunday addition

*I’ve posted Turnbull’s speech on the Longer Reads page.

No Crap App: w/b 16 Apr 2012

The week that was….

Three weeks into the five week break before Parliament resumes, the media swarmed yet again to the story that required the least effort.¬†Some called Hockey’s ‘entitlement’ speech refreshing and encouraging, others called it ‘courageous’ and an unnecessary distraction. Meanwhile, blogger Matt Cowgill’s post showed that big cuts can only be made from safety net welfare payments.

Amongst the quality pieces on the Greens, there are some insightful posts from bloggers with connections to the party.

By the weekend, many writers had turned their eye to the economy and the Government. GrogsGamut’s regular Wednesday post explained how government debt and interest rates have no connection.

There was also an excellent longer read from Mark Latham explaining why suburbanites are climate change deniers.

Hockey’s speech

The Greens

The economy

Longer read