How to turn #NoCrapApp into an app on your tablet or phone

Yes, yes, I know that No Crap App isn’t really an app. If you’re curious about the name, you can read about it here.

I’ve even explored paying to have the app developed, but there doesn’t seem to be much point.

The mobile versions of this website (hosted by WordPress.com) are pretty good already, so all you need to do is put a shortcut on your tablet or phone screen and you’ll have a gorgeous icon like this ——–>

Then the #NoCrapApp will only ever be a click away.

Follow these links to get instructions for putting shortcuts on your home screen:

No Crap App: w/b 3 Dec 2012

Illustration: Ward O'Neill, AFR 8 Dec 2012

Illustration: Ward O’Neill, AFR 8 Dec 2012

Policy conundrums

Reform of the Labor Party



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No Crap App: 2012 Top 10

The first No Crap App weekly summary was published on 4 November 2011, and over the past 12 months has attracted a modest but loyal number of readers.

To note the passing of a year, I thought it would be interesting to identify the writers whose pieces have appeared most frequently in the weekly summaries. It’s best to keep in mind that the pieces were selected on my personal assessment of quality journalism/writing. So this is by no means an objective quantitative analysis!

Do the names in this list surprise you? Who else do you think should have made the 2012 Top Ten?

1. George Megalogenis, The Australian (38 articles)

2. Laura Tingle, Financial Review (35 articles)

3. Laurie Oakes, Daily Telegraph/The Punch (29 articles)

4. GrogsGamut/Greg Jericho, political blogger/The Drum (26 articles)

5. Paul Kelly, The Australian (24 articles)

5. Peter Brent, The Australian (24 articles)

7. Geoff Kitney, Financial Review (23 articles)

8. Shaun Carney, The Age (18 articles)

9. Michelle Grattan, The Age (17 articles)

9. Jonathan Green, ABC (17 articles)

No Crap App: w/b 9 Jul 2012

Leak, Australian 14 Jul 2012

The week that was…

There seems to be no way to avoid this week’s main political story – the hows and whys of Labor’s assault on the Greens. First the blogosphere exploded with comment and analysis, followed by the mainstream media. A selection of those pieces can be found here.

Also collected are links to interesting pieces on the economy, future of the media and pursuit of good policy.

Labor v Greens


Blogosphere / new media




*I don’t normally include my own posts, but this one is directly relevant to the blogosphere discussion.

No Crap App: w/b 4 Jun 2012

Moir, SMH 6 Jun 2012

The week that was…

The week was all about the numbers; first the polls, then the economic indicators.

Pollster John Stirton explained that the ALP is not yet unelectable, Mumble explained what the polls were really saying and Carney reminded us how difficult it is to implement major change. Be sure to sneak past the Australian’s paywall to read Kelly’s excellent piece on the poisoned chalice.

Most of the economic pieces celebrated the robust economic indicators released this week, although Colebatch reserved his delight. Grog and Irvine explained skills and the housing problem to us non-economists.

Finally, don’t forget to check out former editor Michael Gawenda’s piece on newspapers needing to getting back to their core business.


Economic indicators


Sunday addition

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