About the No Crap App

We’ve mused a few times on Twitter that it’d be great to have an app that brings together the best of Australian political journalism in one spot.

I dubbed this fictitious iThing the No Crap App in recognition of Julia Gillard’s exhortation that it can’t be that hard for journalists to “just not write crap”.

Of course such an application will never become reality; the journalists in question are scattered across media organisations and some are hidden behind paywalls.

Nevertheless, this blog attempts to provide you with the closest thing: a place where the best of Australian political journalism is gathered in one spot.

And in recognition of the fact that quality political writing and analysis is not limited to mainstream media organisations, I include the best posts from the blogosphere as well.

Needless to say, excellence is a subjective concept, but I’ll do my best to be objective.



  1. Hi, George

    I have been a purchaser and subscriber to The Australian newspaper for 41 years and am about to terminate this habit, due to its Abbott-like negativity and bias towards Ms Gillard. She’s made some really silly decisions but done reasonable well in the difficult circumstances, but the Murdoch press and Mr Abbott offer nothing of substance, just a retard/return to the past. I use that word because only a fear-monger with no forward-looking policy must be somewhat mentally disabled, or just plain selfish in terms of career opportunities. I think, perhaps the latter.

    The purpose of this message is to convey my admiration and respect for your journalistic contributions over the years – always a sensible and balanced opinion compared to so many of your colleagues, and I appreciate your journalistic integrity which so many others seem to lack currently.

    Best wishes,


  2. I’m sorry Gary but ‘balance’ is always in the eye of the beholder. From my perspective, The Australian is far more balanced that Fairfax, both editorially and in terms of its range of opinion makers. I think the problem you may be experiencing is the idea that the Government is not really that bad and is unjustly receiving bad press from the hate media. If that is the case, could I direct you to look at the what Julia Gillard / Wayne Swan / et al have said about Kevin Rudd, what Kevin’s supporters have said about Gillard, what Graham Richardson has said about the lot of them, the number of stuff ups that were initially ‘unjustly’ reported by The Australian, only to be proved true, often by the government’s own admission?

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