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Pope, Canberra Times 14 Feb 2013

Pope, Canberra Times 14 Feb 2013



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  1. This “post” is good but loses some appeal when a paywall blocks the way. I will not pay my way into Rupert’s propaganda empire or Stuchbury’s right wing bias.GeoffSent from Samsung mobile No Crap App wrote:

    Drag0nista posted: ” Pope, Canberra Times 14 Feb 2013


    Michael Gordon: Rudd’s long cold shower heats up as leadership stress grows Laura Tingle [$]: All about keeping the Stringbags happy”

  2. Hi Geoff – I make no apologies for including links to paywalled articles. It is entirely up to you whether you click them or not. In most cases, there is a way around the paywall. Just click the “Damn, how do I get past the paywall” link in the left hand column. There is however no way to get past the AFR paywall, which is why I mark those articles with [$].

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