Day: July 7, 2012

No Crap App: w/b 2 Jul 2012

Leunig, SMH 4 Jul 2012

The week that was…

This week’s best political pieces focussed on the commencement of the carbon price (Kelly & Kitney) and fallout from last week’s asylum seeker debate (Mega, Farr and Brent).

The natural extension of the latter was further examination of the Greens. Grog provided an interesting profile on the new Greens Senator, Peter Whish-Wilson, PVO had a scoop on the ALP’s preference deals, and Katharine Murphy talked to Christine Milne.

Also included are two great longer reads: one on the nature of democracy in Australia today, and one on the future of journalism.

Carbon price

Asylum seekers

The Greens

Longer read