No Crap App: w/b 30 Apr 2012

The week that was…

This week’s links are like a box of Arnott’s family assorted – there’s something for everyone. Unless you’re looking for more sordid details on Slipper and Thomson et al, because these are not the links you’re looking for….

Anyway, this week we have Grog, Gittins and Mega grappling with next week’s federal budget, while Sheehan and Tingle take a deeper look at the PM’s woes. Macken looks at the What Matters to Australians report. Jonathan Green continues to unravel the political media’s last shreds of credibility. And Jack the Insider reminds us about political charisma.

Budget and the economy

What to do about Julia

Other crunchy brain food

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  1. Re: Gittins article.

    It’s an utterly meaningless article. The question is not “how much” regulation or state intervention, but for what and in whose interests. Which Gittins dodges by talking of “balance”, “trade-offs” and “pulling together towards common objectives”. That way he never has to admit the social interests those objectives serve.

    IMO Gittins writes about two interesting op-eds a year. Gets boring sifting through the dross to find them.

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